Nikon D600 Oil on Sensor Update - Spoke with Nikon representative

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Nikon D600 Oil on Sensor Update - Spoke with Nikon representative

I own a Nikon D600 and unfortunately have oil spots on my sensor. I decided to contact Nikon Switzerland about this (where I live) and spoke with a very knowledgeable and helpful employee (who sounded quite senior) who answered my questions regarding the oil issue. As there is no official statement yet from Nikon about this, I thought I would share with you the information he told me.

I asked him if Nikon were aware of the number of customers having this issue. He said they are and they have already been working on repairing cameras with this problem. I asked if it is a shutter issue causing the oil to splash onto the sensor but he informed that this incorrect and that it is actually coming from the mirror box when the mirror changes position. He told me that he has a meeting next week with Nikon Tokyo in order to hear what their position is in terms of resolving the problem (they too are fully aware of this it would seem). In terms of camera’s sent in for repair, he said that for the moment they can remove most of the excess oil which should go a long way towards preventing it happening again but of course it can’t be guaranteed not to reoccur.

I brought up the similar issue that occurred with the Nikon D7000 and how Nikon never officially recognized this oil on sensor issue. He said this was caused by a similar problem as the D600 and their policy was to change the mirror boxes in the end rather than just removing the excess oil.

So it looks like this is a real problem for many users and something which Nikon Tokyo are aware of and in discussion over.

I had read of one gentleman who was told by a Nikon representative that they had not heard of any such problem so at least this shows that this is not the case.

Personally, I don’t know whether to try for a refund or send it to Nikon for the excess oil to be removed as was suggested. As there is no guarantee that all the excess oil can be removed, it does not sound ideal. I certainly don’t want to be sending my new and rather expensive camera back and forth for repair every few weeks until the oil is gone. I will see what response I get the company I purchased from whom I am waiting to hear back from. They said they too will investigate.

Anyway I hope this information is useful as a sort of small update for those with the problem or concerned about buying the camera and potentially facing the problem.

Nikon D600 Nikon D7000
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