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Re: SX50 w/ Canon 500D attached...

Condor wrote:

Sorry, I thought your SX50 vs FZ200 + TC were handheld shots.  My mistake, I still have to learn a lot of English. I believed that off tripod was the contrary as on tripod.

In my case, I just shot handheld, specially with my superzoom.  I had shot very few tripod real life images in my life, but with my LX3 for group shots cases.

Now somebody is saying that this Lock feature only works on the EVF and not for the final image the sensor gets.  Could somebody clarify it? Thanks in advance.


We received very good material about how this Lock feature works and its undeniable benefit when taking full zoom shots (especially 2400mm 2x digital TC).

Like this video...

Where the Lock demo starts at 0:59 and it is activated at 1:10.

And Rich new samples and comments...

Rich Calsada wrote:

There is no doubt in my experience and I'm sure yours at such an extreme telephoto range 1200 to 2400mm handheld its a struggle keeping the subject still in the viewfinder.

So lets see if running through the sequence of taking a shot helps.

OK, I get the subject framed, now trying to get a focus lock by depressing the shutter halfway is not working to well. Maybe 4 or 5 tries of deep breathing or repositioning the feet gets me steady enough and  the image steady enough to get a lock.

Invoking the focus lock before the half shutter press  has the same steadying effect. Now is this an additional IS that works in conjunction with the regular IS, I can't answer but it definitely works.

Here's some more images at extreme zoom ranges handheld with focus lock used.

Full zoom with 1.5 TC  1928mm

1200mm full zoom

65mm  see the fishermen at end of pier?

here they are! full zoom with 2x tc   2440mm

the fishermen were really jumping around before focus lock.

See rest of set here

From the Brooklyn Promenade

another full zoom with 2x tc. I swear you can almost make out people on observation deck.

Observation deck is just above brown and below gray on Empire State building.

Here's wide angle view taken from Brooklyn promenade.

So, ...   Conclusion...

Any real independent and objective comparative hanheld full zoom sample of SX50 (1200mm or 2400 with inner TC) ... Must be done with Lock activated.


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