Wrong concept of RAW?

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Re: Wrong concept of RAW?

Lobalobo wrote:

So I could be wrong here, but I don't think the problem with in-camera JPEG engines is lack of computing power.  A camera's jpeg engine is just a preset, or set of presets depending on how it reads the image or is set, and the user may not prefer the camera's choices.  RAW gives more flexibility over those choices as compared to editing a JPEG, but even that difference is likely to be small unless the camera's JPEG choice (on WB say) is way off.  Don't get me wrong: I always shoot only RAW on a camera that allows RAW capture, but it's flexibility, I think, not computing power, that makes RAW the better choice.

A camera's jpeg engine is "NOT" just a preset. I'll explain it easy for you. It is like ordering a steak (photo in jpeg). You tell the waiter/waitress how you want your steak (preset) and someone (in-camera processor) has to cook it (jpeg engine). The chef must get your order done as fast as possible (fps) to be in time for the next order.

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