Bummed, but returning D600

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Lens Rentals thinks excessive dust may be due to shutter design

jabilson007 wrote:

All was going good, happy with low light, fps, AF, resolution etc. On a lark, I decided to test for sensor dust. Well, what a mess. Spots all over the place! But these did not look like dust spots. So I cleaned the lens and ran the auto sensor clean. Still there. Did it all again. No change. Tried a different lens. Still there.

Seems that the D600 is more prone to dust on the sensor than other cameras. See Lens Rentals D600 Sensor Dust Issues.

LR seem to think this may be due to a gap around the shutter curtain opening that is larger than on other Nikon cameras  and that this design may allow the shutter movement to pull dust onto the sensor.

At least dust on the sensor is something that users can deal with - though it looks like this camera may need sensor cleaning far more frequently than other cameras.

Of course if you live in a place where it rains all the time like Seattle there is probably usually not too much dust in the air.

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