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Re: Cultural differences...

J Mankila wrote:

However, if there is a discussion to be had, on a subject that needs the details, the arguments, perhaps even the tempered feelings, then I think it's good when someone goes straight to the point, preferably challenging others into critical thinking - and, consequently, a learning process.

No doubt, there are cultural aspects to communication. This is of course true, when you are communicating face to face because of the nonverbal components/aspects of interhuman communication. When dealing only in written form, tone and body language are missing  ...  leaving the communication open to interpretation. For example, the statement, "Your image sucks." delivered with a smile and a wink in person, conveys a different meaning than "Your image sucks." delivered with a loud voice and a scowl.  IMHO, saying something, (anything), positive sets the tone, (a smile)  ...  for example:  "An interesting composition but the contrast and saturation suck. The dog taking a dump in the background should be cloned out"   ...  vs.  ...  "Your image sucks."  One sets a positive or neutral tone, more likely to open the reader to suggestions   ...  the other attacks and puts the reader in defense mode. One appears to convey a modicum of respect, the other conveys contempt. In either case, the motive for reponding to a post always comes into play. On the one hand, a genuine desire to be helpful and the other, a need to tear down and inflict emotional pain because misery love company. 

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