How to watch images on the tv with embedded color profiles

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malch wrote:

Richard wrote:

I can here the conversation your mom and dad would be having right now.

Mom:  Honey, this tv doesn't seem to be producing the extended color range due to the sRGB gamut,

Dad: You are right it also looks like our granddaughter has a slight blue cast, probably because the TV can't handle AdobeRGB.

Mom: YOu need to take the belt to your son for not using Prophoto LZW compressed Tiffs. These are special moments that deserve nothing less than, the best.

Dad: Maybe we can find a TV that will handle raw and allow us to choose gamut.

Mom: I agree, I don't want to go back to that computer ever again, it is so hard to find the start button.

Dad: Don't worry. Steve Jobs figured this out before he died and the next generation of TV's running iOS are gonna take care of the problem.

Mom: Well he didn't figure it out in the Apple TV box and I don't want us locked into Itunes, having to log in to your I tunes or switch Itunes accounts. And you know the TV will be touchscreen and double the price of the competitions competing models. I really don't think we need that. The products that have come out after he died are not very inovative, It seems when they lost Steve, they lost their vision and the company now looks like they did before he pushed the envelope. Maybe when they become affordable and gain more than 10 percent of the computer market we might consider Apple.


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