Still thinking whether I should get 5D Mark 3 or Nikon D800

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Re: Still thinking whether I should get 5D Mark 3 or Nikon D800

hikaruggggg wrote:

I wanted to switch to D700 few years ago; but I gave up because I already have several good canon glasses - 17-40L,35L,70-200 f/4L and 100 macro....flash.....together with 7D
   My main objective is to take portrait photos for my kids
   Now with the impressive spec of D800 ......the price of D800 has dropped a lot after initial launch.....
I really want to go with D800 and refresh my lenses line up.....and get the weather sealed 35 f/1.4G, The high performance/price's 85 f/1.8G and probably the new and upcoming 70-200 f/4 VR
  However, it is much easier and cheaper to get 5D3 + 85 f/1.8 USM
So I really want to ask if there is anyone who has both D800 and 5D3 or
you have upgraded from 7D to 5D3; what do you think about the benefits of going 5D3?

I have asked a similar question in the Nikon forum as well; and I can't still make up my mind

Many thanks in advance

Given that camera bodies are almost treated like the "disposable" part of the equation these days I wouldn't be too concerned with it. For me it all starts with the lenses. Do you like yours? Does Nikon have equal value or better glass for your needs? So unless you need something very specific from a body that only one or the other will do for you I wouldn't worry about it.

Not to say that people make all of this stuff work for them no matter what but I personally went with Canon (rather stayed with Canon when coming from the film FD system) because of the lens choices. I just like them better and there are a few things that Canon offers that Nikon doesn't have. Wouldn't want to miss my 135L or 50L. I'm on a 5DII and recently tried out the MarkIII. Very nice. Seems to be the perfect upgrade for an already fabulous camera.

I'm sure the Nikon D800e is a great camera as well. And Nikon still has the better approach to flash systems I think. But Canon beats them with lens choices and value in my opinion.

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