Ball head for heavy lens / camera combo?

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Just back in after a short trip.. 
My old Manfrotto is now likely past most folks memories but in the day it was I think the best you could get.. I know it served me well..absolute TON to carry .. so it never did get too far (!!) but in those days it was made with what they called a "stiction" type ball-head.. another word for 'friction' I guess..but the BALL was actually fitted in a sort of cup-device..still held finally of course with a locking lever control..but the "stiction" on the ball assembly was absolutely could hold anything in place just by the stiction was steady as a rock..NO way would you get droop with that system.. it held easily my old Hass 2000 with a 100mm Planar f2 lens..and that was some weight..   The new ones of most makes of course now go for the carbon type I suppose mainly to get the weight down..but I wonder how much they DO lose in stability..NOTHING beats weight of course..if you can cope.. the link below to get a d/.load..I think you'll find a lot of useful info in this... go to around page 90 or so and that gives some details of heads etc..may be some guidance or comparisons on what is available..AND look at the near end pages..there are one or two useful gadgets for holding and stabilising a camera with a long lens..may also be useful..

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