Can Olympus 4/3 glass cover a bigger image circle?

Started Oct 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP nugat Contributing Member • Posts: 699
Re: These are not baffles but the hood

The hood on the 14-35 is a plastic srew on. The 7-14mm I understand is fixed--but, as Riley says, anything can be removed.

K3nKen wrote:

nugat wrote:

I realized the weird rectangular shadow cast onto the image circle is not some internal baffles at all.

Diglloyd got it in his first test as so does Riley here in his samples above.

Guys, take off the plastic to see the full image circle, especially at the wide end.

The SHG wide lenses mounted on a larger sensor will simply need a much wider lens hood.

They won't be able to remove the hood. Its permanently fitted.

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