Another digitalrev comparion test: 5DM3 vs D800 vs D600 - Boxing in somewhat low light

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Re: And from someone who have tested both the D800 and 5DMkIII

VivaLasVegas wrote:

steras wrote:

VivaLasVegas wrote:

Their is a reason why D800 is equipped with AF assist flash light. Why do you carry a flash light when you venture into the dark? Yep, that is right, because you can't see in the dark. Now you know why, 5D3 does not have an AF assist flash light, the proof is in digitalrev(Nikon fanboy) findings. What do you expect from a ONE eye ball(eye patch in the left side) of D800. D600 is the same AF used in D7000 so no surprise there when it comes to low light AF.

There is no practical difference in low light AF performance...even with the left side AF sensors

Hey steras, long time no talk, nice to read your keystrokes. At any rate, you are entitled to your opinion including the left side AF sensors. BTW, I love your smiley face, seem like it has an eye patch on the left eye.  

What were your findings Viva??

What findings?

Don't be so modest Viva...I am referring to your findings with the 5DMkIII & D800.

Can you post some pictures you made with either of these cameras please?

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