5D3 focus is not working as expected

Started Oct 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP SwampYankee Forum Member • Posts: 68
Re: 5D3 focus is not working as expected

Perhaps I have some behaviors to unlearn.  Coming from a 50D.  When the shutter button is pressed 1/2 way down, the camera focuses on the closest object and highlights that focus point in the viewfinder.   Is is possible that the the default focus point for the 5D3 is the centerpoint? Perhaps the focus is mistakenly set to just grab that center point.  If so, How would I change it so it would grab the closest point like the full auto mode?  Sorry for the rookie questions.  Got a great camera, and now real life has intervened so I can't sit with the camera and manual for hours and learn.

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