Photographing oil Paintings

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Re: Hi Martin

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

It's the same Osrams Dulux L fluorescent at 3200K Jon, the CRI of the Osrams is also at 98... yet the lighting boxes are of superb quality because the transformers are of superb quality... the 50/10000Hz transformation is extremely stable....

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That's still a flourescent light then :). Interesting, all I could find on Osrams site is that the Osrams have a CRI of >90. If you want a continious spectrum with a CRI of 100, meaning perfect color reproduction, you need a true tungsten light source, not just a tungsten balanced light source. Basically, that means incandescent light sources. They not only have a CRI of 100, but they're also 100% stable, as they're not a pulsing light source. But you need to be carefull what you put incandescent bulbs in to, as they run quite a bit hotter than your flourescents.

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