Suggestion to a macro tripod/focusing rail/ring flash

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Re: Suggestion to a macro tripod/focusing rail/ring flash

dodgyexposure wrote:

No replies yet, huh?

I have one of each of a ring flash, focussing rail, and tripod, but not one that answers your description.

I bought the Canon MR14-EX because the cheap ring flashes that I could see appeared to be, well, cheap (mainly LEDs).  If you don't want to spend money, there are numerous homemade adaptations of speedlites around that people use for macro - check out the macro forum.

That focussing rail may do the job.  It is cheaper from eBay.  I bought a Velbon supermag slider for about $120, and it is quite solid.

I can't comment on that particular tripod.  I have a Manfrotto 055cxpro3, that has a centre column that can be redeployed horizontally - useful for macro.  The aluminium versions are cheaper, but you will need to add a ballhead - the combo wouldbe more expensive than the Slik.

Good luck in your search.

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Thanks alot for the reply,

I  didnt find the home made adaptations that you mentioned at the macro photography forum, can you send me a specific link?

Is there anyone that has the focusing rail can tell me if its good and solid?

Should I save up for the manfrotto 454 rail? I think that its not wise to buy a first focusing rail for more than 100$..

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