SX50 HS or Panasonic DMC-FZ200?

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Re: SX50 HS or Panasonic DMC-FZ200?

Adding a front filter teleconverter doesn't change the aperture unless the diameter is smaller than the provided focal length/aperture ratio... I don't know if you did the math, for it, but if not, you actually guessed it more or less, with a 'hole' of around 55mm and around 180mm focal length (real one, not equivalent) it would mean something around f/3.4, a bit better even, but because you're adding more glass I guess f/3.5 equivalent light transmission is pretty much on the spot.

The issue with the teleconverter filters is usually the sharpness, IDK how good that one is, but sometimes you get more resolving power by not using the filter.

I think the biggest advantages of FZ200 are the operational speed, movie quality and the bright lens. Battery is also a very strong point, if you go for long walks you may want to think about it as well.

Canon has a very good ISO behavior, longer zoom and CHDK potential features. Having a flash for it helps to keep the ISO down, but I doubt you'll use a flash at 1200mm. CHDK means intervalometer, motion detection shooting and other neat and exclusive features, that is if you don't mind a bit of messing with a card ...

When comes to ISO behavior, Panny aperture fights with pride, though, even if quite sharp at 600mm it can't resolve the detail Canon does at 1200mm, funny enough, if you crop the central 6MP of the Panny at 600mm (making it effectively a 2x digital zoom crop) you get a FoV equivalent to 1200mm, good enough for small prints (not so small even) if ISO is kept down :]

Price wise, FZ200 is a bit too much for a bridge, even though those lens are quite unique. Good news is that prices tend to go down with time, bad news is that Panasonic camera prices don't go down so easily. For me FZ200 is at 680€ and SX50 HS at 480€ ... though ... I already have a GH1 and a 900mm f/12 to play with

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