Upgrade M9-P to new M

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Re: Upgrade M9-P to new M

Based on Specs I think all japanese companies will always make better...

But In my experience specs are far to make everything.

I currently use a Nikon D7000...which is far to be a bad camera. It's extremly versatile and nice with many amazing features... But when I use it daily it's just a pain after a M.

I sold my Leica M8 few weeks ago and I can tell you I miss it sooo much in comparison...

Since I have my M3 it's fine but I'll try to get an other nice condition M8 or maybe M9 as soon as possible.

Sure it's not the same beast at all...as I use The D7000 for product photography and not "pleasure photography" (where a M is not good at all for daily work that's for sure) but damn... sometimes I go on craze with this camera. There is always something which goes wrong. It's certainly user error...But my feeling is that the camera demands too much attention from its user. That's why I have this feeling, after a M, that I always have to be clicking little buttons instead of taking pictures.

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