Moving to a new iMac

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Re: Moving to a new iMac

These are exactly the kind of useful answers that I was hoping to get. Many thanks.

I managed to miss the news that a new iMac was in the pipeline, but the desktop Mac, which for me has always been the "workhorse" (got my first one in 1985), gets relatively little attention compared to Apple's other products.

I checked on Migration Assistant. Looks like the easy way is to hook up the new Mac to my Time Machine drive via Firewire, and away we go.

I also took a look at Mountain Lion, which I'd not done up to now, since I can't use it. A lot of stuff here that's familiar from my iPad, which I bought earlier this year.

I'll be keeping an eye on the announcements that are made, but the new products will probably take a while to reach this corner of the world, so I'll have to nurse my "old" iMac along for a little while yet.


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