Should I replace my 7D with a 6D?

Started Oct 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Should I replace my 7D with a 6D?

Scorehound wrote:

I don't know if this thread has been started and if it has I apologize, but I am in a pickle.

Ever since the announcement about the 6D I have been debating with myself if I should replace my 7D with a 6D. I have always wanted a FF camera, and with the new sensor and updated low light capabilities it seems like a slam dunk.

But I am not crazy about the 6D's design, as I am used to the button placement of the 7D and the sheer weight and feel of the 7D. I owned a 60D as a backup but sold it recently to buy new glass, but now I am wondering if replacing the 7D would be a smart move for me.

Any thoughts either way? Is the jump to FF worth it based on the specs? Or would I be better suited sticking with the 7D and saving for a 5D mkIII?

You should go directly to 5D3, I just did and it is truly the best upgrade for 7D user

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