GRD with 1" sensor - would you buy one?

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Re: GRD with 1" sensor - would you buy one?

Considering that the camera will be as small, as responsive and as versatile as the previous GRDs, GRD5 with a 1" sensor will be a better option.

I don't see much debate here.

There are no disadvantages to a larger sensor that will go in a same size body. By going with smaller apertures, you can still use it to maximize the DOF and by increasing the ISO,  you can attain the rougher classic GRD look.

A 1" sensor GRD will be all that the previous models are and more. I cannot see a case made for a smaller sensor. A larger sensor means more options.

In short, 1" sensor makes perfect sense for the current owners of GRD. I can see why the 1" segment will not satisfy many of the Aps-c users. But this camera is not for  them, and will target the serious compact users. And once the rx100 sensor will be available for non sony cameras, the smaller sensor siblings will only be good for cell phones. there is no way to reverse this trend.

Of course you can still take excellent pictures with smaller sensor cameras, but that's a different debate. I also don't think the next GRD will get the 1" sensor - which is also another debate....

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