Why do people find 36mp such a burden?

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Re: Why do people find 36mp such a burden?

KnightPhoto2 wrote:

Welcome to the forum Conan.

I haven't found the D800 a burden, all this talk and I was expecting worse.  I'm sure some of my older computers with 10 and 12mp bodies were worse in the past.

I've been shooting 7-shot HDR which involves seven > 200mp TIFFs going into Photomatix 4.2 and it's not bad at all.

I'm using an iMac i7 with 16GB RAM.  My hard-drive was already full from my other cameras and video in the first place, so the hard-drive problem is no different

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Thanks Stevek,

I am being slowley converted to go with the imac i7  instead of upgrading my pc

I havn't tried doing layers with my pc i know it would cark it! (pentium 4 3.0ghz 4gb ram)But for now it's quite bearable and no real rush to speed it up like i thought i would. Disk space should not be a issue if you know t hat you are shooting heaps and storing data, i'ts a no -brainerIf all that was a issue i'll stay with a 18mp camera 
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