Best zoom compared to prime lenses

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Re: Best zoom compared to prime lenses

These arguements over Prime v Zoom are old hat generalisations. It stands to reason that in principle zooms are compromised optically when compared to Primes but it all depends on what is being compared , not all lenses are of the same quality ( or price !

What the OP will gain with the Zeiss zoom is versatility. This zoom is of high quality & if used on an APS C camera any issues with edge sharpness & possible slight vignetting will be negligible. At 24mm it will not be quite so good as the Prime but whether this will be noticed is open to arguement.

What he will experience in exchange is an increase in size & weight & only he can decide how much of an issue that is likely to be. He needs to try this lens/adapter combination out to see i he can live with it.

The dilemma he faces is one which others are troubled by because there is a gross lack of high quality lens options for the NEX. Yes it is possible to use legacy lenses on adapters but AF & OIS may have to be sacrificed. Hopefully next year , 2013 , may see the release of better quality lenses but whether they have full features remains to be seen.

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