If Sony were to release a RX10 how much would it cost?

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Well since the RX100 is 1" and the RX1 is full frame I assumed you guys would assume the RX10 would have an APS-C sensor. How much do you think it would be with a fast fixed lens? Do you think it would be the 1,200 dollars like the Fuji X100?

It's your assumption.It does not mean the rest have the same assumption. I for one don't assume anything. The RX1 is still to prove itself, though no doubt in my own mind it will be a hit. Then again, that's another hypothetical.

What makes you think it will be U$1,200?

I think putting too much energy into this kind of hypothetical is a waste of time, especially targetting price. How can you know the price if you don't even know the specs? And who amongst us here who is not directly working with Sony's R&D or upper mg't knows? So, why speculate this early?

You also ignore the possibility that they won't even consider releasing an in-between. That is another possibility. And if you ask me, the more probable scenario in the next year. I mean, if you are going to release a fixed lens RX10 at U$1,200, wouldn't it just be smarter to build a 24-80 or 28-100 aps-c lens that would fit an Nex 5R or F3, or whatever it is they will release next year? Or maybe just a fixed 35mm FOV equiv aps-c lens? But isn't this lens slated for release now?

You can get all knotted up trying to think of this nebulous RX10 and not go anywhere. Wait till the 1Q of 2013 to get a better grip of things.

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Yes that's true not everyone will have the same assumption.

I didn't mean this to be a serious thread. I was just wondering what the rest of the other forumers thought about the idea.

I thought about the price being in that area based on the Fuji X100, and thought it would fit there because the price is somewhere between the RX100 and RX1.

Again I didn't mean this to be a serious thread. If I was in the market for an APS-C in a small body I'd probably get the Fuji X100 now, and not wait until next since like you said it might not even happen.

Also you mention making a lens that would fir the NEX cameras, but what if we want a fixed lens? I want big sensor camera with a fixed lens because cameras with removable lenses aren't allowed in concerts.

Or get a Nex 5R and the new 35mm f1.8 E lens. That's U$650 for the body, and U$450 for the lens. The total is U$1,100.This is the option if you are thinking more of the RX1. The 35mm might be around 50mm FOV equivalent, so that may be a bit of a hitch. You can go Sigma or some other 3rd party if you want the 35mm FOV equiv. That's a 24mm or so aps-c lens.

If you are thinking more from the RX100 POV, get a 5R and the new 16-50 kit lens. That should total around U$1,000 if bought seaparately. It could be cheaper later as a kit, but that should be sometime 2013. In keeping with the tradition of making it small a la RX100, I went for the new 16-50 lens.

Either way, what you are asking for already exists now. Or at least, just a bit of a wait for the 16-50 to be more available. But without a doubt, there's your RX10 right there! Even better, it's not a fixed lens! You have the flexibility to update the lens when need arises.

My thoughts is that the RX10 is not going to happen so soon. Maybe none at all. It will simply compete with the NEX series. Or look at it from the other way, the RX10 will not fare well when there is a NEX body which can do the same.

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