Bad Canon 7D (not sharp) or is it me?

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Re: Bad Canon 7D (not sharp) or is it me?

Are you planning to print big or just uploading where 1 megapixel is good enough? Last week I printed 7 photos at 60cmx90cm on metallic glossy Kodak Endura paper from 5 megapixel file of my 7D and 10mmEFS zoom, all of them came out sharp. even 1000D will be indistinguishable when printed 60cmx90cm compared to my 7D. The only thing that I liked about the 7D is AF speed and operations when under pressure such as when shooting sunsets and sunrise the live view AF is fast and the buttons and menus are how I want them to operate. all rebels up to 7D will be INDISTINGUISHABLE when printed 60cmx90cm even up to 60cm x 250cm, even more so printed smaller. Printed smaller 3 megapixels is all that you need. I double dare you to print 10RS from different cameras and show them to people and I bet that they won't know the difference .

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