D600 Samples - Focusing in Low Light

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Re: D600 Samples - Focusing in Low Light

I just finished a quick non-scientific test with my 50 mm 1.8G at 1/50 f2 ISO H.5 at about 15 feet away from the subject indoors.

If you use AF-A/C.. it works best using d9 with focal point in the center.  Same with AF-S.

Center point or those 8 points around center work best.  The other outer focus points hunt.

If shooting at a wall, then all focus points hunts since there were not enough light for contrast detection.

I opened the front door, pointed the camera over my neighbor across the street and was able to lock confident on the truck license plate parking in the driveway or the white fence at 1/50 F2 H1.  Pointed at the house, nothing locks.

It seems the further the distant away from the subject, the more contrast your subject needs to be in order to get a lock.

Again.. this is just my quick and dirty test.. not sure if the test is valid.  But I only use 3D or D39 in AFC when there is light.  Center point/d9 for low light.

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