File Size: Conversion of RAW to TIFF (D90 to D600)

Started Oct 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
krikman Regular Member • Posts: 414
Re: File Size: Conversion of RAW to TIFF (D90 to D600)

There's maybe only 3 reasons for such a small file:

1. The file is actually JPEG (most probable) due to error in settings or in software. Also TIFF file may have JPEG compression inside. But this inconsistent with 16 bit/channel because no JPEG 16-bit.

2. The file is actually not 16-bit/channel but 4...16 bit total. It is very old and odd format but maybe so.

3. Error in writing file so only JPEG-compressed header preview is actually written. Due to new D600 NEF file format do not supported.

Anyway check settings again.

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