Canadian Warrranty --- A99 -- reduced!!!

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Re: Canadian Warrranty --- A99 -- reduced!!!

Hmmmm... my first reaction is that it is really is not reliable.... but on second thought, there are probably other factors involved.

I paid for warranty on my A700, and have been covered for 4 years this November.... and never a problem with the beast.  However, as I said, I paid the price to have it covered.  I am not sure what an extra year would cost.... or if it is worth it.

Not every  manufacturer is of a Canadian mind set.  We have a Canadian company in the Audiophile world, that is truly Canadian through and through... Bryston.  They offer a 20 year warranty, and often cover amplifiers or preamps that are 25 years old anyways... as though they are still in warranty.  They overbuild.  Not sure how that would equate to a camera.  Still, it is uniquely Canadian.  Sony, really, has never had that sense of confidence about their products where they would offer more than a one year warrenty.  But, to be fair, off hand, I can't name any other that has, either.  Bryston has few of their equipment break down, because they test them adequately before they head out the door. 

And, they don't have the moving parts that a camera has, either.

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