Which is better? A Nikon D600 or D800? Mostly using it HANDHELD & with low light.

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Re: Which is better? A Nikon D600 or D800? Mostly using it HANDHELD & with low light.

Motion blur should be less of a problem with af misses in my experience. But yes, if you choose to do hand held, some of your photos are bound to exhibit motion blur, but it should not mean that the D800 is bad for hand held. It just means that the D800 has captured your flaws if you zoom in at 100%. As i mentioned, if your photos are perfect often enough, you will enjoy the increase in mp because you can actually blow it up without seeing the motion blur. If you shake all the time, you are better off getting a camera with lower mp. Just like how a single pixel will not capture motion blur, simply cuz.... 1 pixel is too big to resolve such minute detail

So in the case of wedding, you are likely to be moving, the subject is bound to be moving, so its more likely that you will capture those motions on the D800. But unless you blow it up to 100%, then the photo will probably be fine. Imagine the alternative. You use a 6mp camera, it takes nice and sharp photos, but you can't blow it up to by the same amount as D800 even if you wanted to and. With D800, you have the option to magnify perfectly sharp photos up to 100% If the photo is not sharp, you can magnify it to the 6mp cam's size for the same clarity, just not 100%.

What you should be more concerned with should be how the increased filesizes influence your work flow and whether you like D800's buttons, controls and features. Unlike most pple, my backup is a D5100 cuz i want my backup body to be light, and I want a cropped sensor. Having a cropped body also gives me more options than an fx body will. Remember the time when people used a D700 and a D300 as a back up, while sharing the MB-D10? yes you do  I do give up certain features for the D5100, but to each his own.

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