Matching RAW to JPG from LX5

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Re: Matching RAW to JPG from LX5

Thanks for all the comments.  Not what I expected, but reinforcing what I've personally felt for over 10 years - that it's not worth the trouble (size, time, etc) shooting raw.

The specific reason I am exploring this is that I was trying to fix problems with my Lumix G3, which has real problems with white balance (auto white balance on indoor shots does a terrible job with skin tones).  Raw offers a few advantages with that camera. With my LX5, I figured I'd start with an already 'perfect' (jpg) output, use the jpg as a 'reference to aspire to', and learn from the experience, adjusting the raw image to match the jpg output. Obviously no point in re-inventing the wheel, as it were, but learn from the process.

I noticed today that the LX7 is out; I will order that and not throw away the included CD for once!

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