New Body or new Lens?

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Re: New Body or new Lens?

Sammy Yousef wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

I'd sell the D7000 and all your lenses if you're serious about shooting weddings and making it as easy as possible on yourself.   The D600 and the Tamron 24-70VC or the Nikon 24-120VR if you can't go the freight on the Nikon 24-70.  Any lens is going to give you better background separation and low light performance on the D600, to say nothing of better color and focusing, especially in low light. Pretty critical stuff there. Don't forget an SB-700 while you're at it.

Why would anyone even consider the SB-700 when looking at professional wedding photography? The SB-910 is more powerful and not THAT much more considering the gear you guys are talking about. Gives you the option to bouce effectively where the 700 just won't cut it.

Personally I'd go the 70-200VR if you're going to do wedding work. I haven't used it but I have used a 70-300VR (and 18-70dx) on a couple of occasions shooting weddings for friends. Depends on the wedding but you can't always get close enough for a wide lens, and while I couldn't care less about subject isolation with DoF (a personal quirk but I think it's the most overused photographic technique in history! Might be okay for studio portraits, but for events and weddings, I want to see the background!). Even with flash you're limited by the light if you can't get within a few meters. Not every couple cares or understands enough about the photos to want you to get in close on every shot.

FX may be fasionable at the moment, DX image quality is fine and the extra reach with the crop factor can be an advantage.

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Even the photographer interviewed in the thread you started on use of flash only recommended the 70-200 for weddings for a second photographer, not for the main one, and that was for a person using a full frame camera. If he's going to be using the D7000 I think the 24-70 would be covering most of the range he'd be needing. The SB700 is also going to be a strong enough flash for the type of lighting he'd be using it for, it's certainly no lightweight, and many who have the 910 aren't using it at full power for much of their shooting as it is. I wouldn't want one on my camera just for the size considerations. Possibly used as a off camera light source, but for what he's doing right now the SB700 would work just fine.

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