Another lens to match these ones?

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Re: Another lens to match these ones?

comissaria wrote:

I own the Kit lens 18 55 IS, the 50mm 1.8, and the 85mm 1.8 ,

My main goal is to take photos of my newborn baby, and family pictures, by now most of my pics are indoor but soon it will be taken in various places and conditions as my baby grows up.

If you would choose one or two lenses to add or even another canera what would be?

I was searching about the 70 200L f4 or the 24 105L f4 or 15 85mm

My budget is max 1000 US.

Now I have a T3i.

Many Thanks


For me, I'd want a flexible two or three lens combo and an excellent walk around lens.  You'll be carrying baby stuff as well as camera gear.

With that in mind, I'd go with a 15-85 as it is a lot better than the kit lens in terms of auto focus, image quality. and range.

If you are happy with your 18-55, I can see getting a 70-200/4L IS instead.  I first went with the cheaper 70-200/4L non-IS; it was excellent, but, was sharp enough to allow to understand the value of IS.

Another idea is to buy an external flash if you don't have one already and learn to use it as fill flash and bounce flash with a light modifier.

If you want to continue with primes, the 35/2 is interesting --- really small, but, with a very LOUD AF motor.  Gives you that 50mm focal length equivalent on an APS-C sensor.  Do that and you got a really small prime combination with your 50/1.8 and 85/1.8.

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