What is the value of a top LCD?

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Re: What is the value of a top LCD?

Dear James,

Get for yourself the one without LCD...  you have chance to satisfy your preference. It will cost you less...

No need to change enybody's opinions.  It's not your problem.  Neither top 1" LCD nor 3" color screen will make you any better photographer.  This thread is pointless, as both work and both can be used.  I have camera with top LCD and camera(s) without it and prefer the one with LCD, as it is easier for me.

It does not mean that the one you don't like should not be available if other people find it working better for them.  In my case the back side display is permanently off, as I don't like it at all.  I use it sometimes only for second at the time...  to see if picture was exposed OK, or to change setups if required - that is it.

Isn't it great that you actualy have choices...?????

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