Capture NX2 - Where do I go from here

Started Oct 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mako2011 Forum Pro • Posts: 23,767
Only two options.

If you like to use Nikon ADL and prefer your fist step in conversion from RAW to match what was seen on the rear of the camera at the time of exposure...then you really only have two accurate options for RAW conversion. ViewNX2 and CaptureNX2 are the only programs that can accurately render ADL as intended. I often use ADL to advantage so that's important to me. I also make great effort to get exposure correct and check that on the LCD. I want my initial starting point to be as close to what I saw, at the time of capture, as possible. That also includes it's relation to the in-camera histogram I used at that time.

The solution then is to do my simple RAW conversions with ViewNX2 as well as large batch conversions when necessary. Any minor tweaks regards conversion then are done in CaptureNX2 as it lends itself to finer control. Those resulting 16-bit TIFFs then get further processed in CS6 if necessary.

My understanding is that Nik has not had a hand in CaptureNX2 Development/update in many years so not really worried about the Google takeover.

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