2nd camera to go together with the RX1 as a combination for a serious amateur. Thoughts?

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Re: 2nd camera to go together with the RX1 as a combination for a serious amateur. Thoughts?

Vovk wrote:

Thank you so much for the kind reply travelinbri_74 and indeed all others who participated in this thread.

I know I might be opening a big discussion here, but when you are talking about great colours in Fuji XE-1 as well as the top quality JPeg produced by that camera - would you say it beats OMD in those categories? I use Jpegs A LOT and colours mean a lot to me - that's the main reason I like Canon - because of the colours. (My worry actually also is if RX1 will be on a par with Canon in terms of colors.)

I like the ergonomics of OMD, it's small size and the lens range, but it would be interesting to know what you think about the image quality in comparison to XE-1's supposedly superior sensor... X-Pro-1 I would not consider, because it arrives almost at a small DSLR size, which take away the whole sense of switching to a light-weight, small-size package...

I was just strolling by the other day and a tourist has asked me to take a picture of him and his family and he had a 5D2 and 24-105 on a walk - goodness it is a huge thing to ramble around with if you plan to enjoy a long walk with a friend and not just a photo tour!

Take the below with a grain of salt, as I have neither (although I do have an Olympus EP3 - which I am looking to upgrade from - and recently sold a 5D2, which I didn't find huge, but certainly when you added 4 lenses, was a much larger kit than any of these small cameras):

I don't think you will dislike the colors from either an Olympus M4/3 or a Fuji.  In fact, both are well known for their color rendition.  While the Olympus JPEG engine is described as "punchy" (which should be read as vibrant) the Fuji colors are highly customizable (you can shoot in film simulation modes), can be equally punchy, and appear to have more depth to them.  What I saw with the EP-3 - and what would concern me with the OM-D - is that there is detail loss in the JPEGs.  With a AA less Fuji you SHOULD get more detail in an excellent JPEG engine... but there are concerns with the Fuji having a watercolor effect that may be hard to fix if you don't like post processing, whereas if you shoot in RAW with the Olympus, you may very well avoid the loss of detail...

Not sure if this is helpful or not, but fine details is my passion, which is why despite the fact that for 20 reasons it is not the right camera for me, I am still strongly considering adding a Sigma DP1M or DP2M (or both) to my kit... however, what I am really hoping is that the Sony RX1 will do it all (great colors, resolution, sharp images), and then I can focus on that camera, forget the Sigmas, and work on the second part of my kit (from which I would also choose from a Nikon DSLR, the Fuji X-E1, or the Olympus OM-D)... That being said, initial reports seem to suggest a strong filter and soft images out of the RX-1 (easy to correct in PP), which may sway me towards the Sigmas (where I can get both cameras and 10 extra batteries for less than the RX1...)

Sorry, did I go off point?  My point was if you like the IQ you are seeing from samples of the X-E1 and OM-D, I don't think colors will be your issue, they both have excellent color in JPEG rendition, it's sharpness, color bleeding, depth of field, AF, what lenses you want, and other features (the OM-D's weatherproofing) that will be the deal makers...


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