FZ200 - feeling frustrated.

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Re: FZ200 - feeling frustrated.

Darryl Luscombe wrote:

I have only had my FZ200 for a couple of days, but I am feeling very frustrated in the IQ of the images I am getting from the camera. I have shot a couple of hundred images since it arrived.

I have to say I am underwhelmed by the IQ so far.

It's all about expectations. If you want DSLR quality, or the same quality as a larger sensor camera, or the same quality as a less ambitious P&S without big zoom and f2.8, or are a 100% pixel-peeper, it's really the wrong camera for you. Any camera you choose is a compromise, whether for size, cost, range, versatility, IQ, etc.

I did a lot of online research and chose the FZ200, having read many of the discussions here about the need to get to know the camera and the image settings. As I am a raw shooter, I thought that this wouldn't be much of a problem.

Many of the RAW shooters have had to learn that with the FZ200, it's often best (and of course, less time-consuming) to try to get the best in-camera JPEG. For me, I shoot RAW+JPEG, and only occasionally have to go to the RAW (for exposure issues, or if I want to extract the best bokeh) but in most situations the JPEGs are preferable.

The SilkyPix software is painful to use, to say the least

I hate Silkypix, for it's lack on intuitiveness! I use Apple Aperture for JPEGs/RAWs, and only rarely need to go to ACR and Photoshop. Maybe there is still some work by Adobe to improve on their FZ200 RAW conversion?

I am feeling a little deflated and majorly disappointed. I was expecting issues with the OIS at 600mm, but not being able to get a usable image at base ISO just seems too much.

I find the Panny OIS fantastic, and "usable" images easily possible, as long as viewed at less than 100% and at reasonable sizes. It's really up to personal preference, of course. Some must view at 100% or need the best IQ and detail. I would recommend NO bridge cameras with small sensors, for them.


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