Is sony Alpha DSLT/DSLR the right platform for learning photography and growth?

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Re: Is sony Alpha DSLT/DSLR the right platform for learning photography and growth?

Maxeyesore wrote:

Is it a coincidence that nearly all the replies here are FOR sony? Take it for what its worth Mr Cool, check other forums and do web searches.

I've owned Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Olympus, Panasonic, etc. - there's no reason to doubt what's been said here. Solid advice, no outright advocacy or bashing of the other brands.

I have a long history with this forum and if you disagree with them, all you get is insults.

One wonders WHY you have a 'long history'. I was highly skeptical of the SLT and never liked the NEX myself, but did I troll this forum like you do? No. So the fanboy agenda here is all you, man. Only that mentality thinks they have something to prove by starting arguments in the forum of a brand they dislike.

Just today I read Nord say he lost a $1300 a77 due to shooting too long in the rain. If you want the best per dollar photo quality, go pentax or nikon.

If you need weather sealing. That isn't automatically the sign of superior 'photo quality'.

Which you choose is up to you, check everything you can find from as many sources as you can find. Anybody who tells you to trust them and ignore others is a fanboy with an agenda.

I think you're the only fanboy with an agenda here.

My only personal advice is, if you do choose the a57 as you seem to be leaning towards, hold off on buying a slew of lenses until you know this is the system you want to stay with.

Minolta AF lenses like the Beercan and 50mm 1.7 can be had cheaply enough. Just those two lenses right there plus a kit or 28mm gives plenty of range and excellent image performance.

You really aren't helping anyone here, just proving what others are saying about you already...

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