24-70 V1 vs V2, to my eyes..

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Re: 24-70 V1 vs V2, to my eyes..




Is it just that my 24-70 V1 is SOFT, or is the new lens this much sharper at 2.8 24mm???


Probably, the version II is just plain sharper in corners at 24mm and f/2.8 and the version I appears less sharp. After all, that is merely the flip side of the same proposition.

However, in my experience, both the 24-70 f/2.8 version I and, especially, my version II 16-35mm f/2.8, definitely suffer from field curvature such that it is hard to judge non-central sharpness other than at infinty-focus or some very fortuitous mid-focus subject depth arrangement. Technically, this is not a lack of sharpness; practically, it is.

Once you stop the version I down enough to increase depth of field enough to combat field curvature, the version I has very good corner sharpness, but is prpobably still a little short of the version II.

The version II is just undeniably better at most focal lengths and apertures, but, yikes, it costs an awful lot of money.



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