What do you recommend for travel: Panasonic Lumix GX1 or Samsung NX1000?

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Re: What do you recommend for travel: Panasonic Lumix GX1 or Samsung NX1000?

I have used the GX1 for about a year and it is a wonderful travel camera. You cannot go wrong with it.  What lens or lenses do you plan to get?  I have the 14-42 kit lens, the 14-140, and the 25mm 1.4 lens.    When you are indoors, or going in and out, it is probably best to use the 25mm 1.4 or the 20mm1,7 lens.  For street shooting, the 14-42 is excellent or if you want to be able to go close up or shoot animals the 14-140 is very good.  I use auto iso, shutter priority, and I prefer to set the wb to custom and use a white lens cap to set it, or kelvin temp., but the auto wb is good and the settings for cloudy, sunny, etc are all pretty good.  I have found the IQ to be excellent.  When I am out for the day and want to travel light I put the camera on a sling strap, put an extra battery in my pocket and just put the small 14-42 on the camera.

I do not know the Samsung cameras but when I bought the GX1, I researched all of the mirrorless cameras that were available at the time.  The Samsungs did not get great reviews for their IQ, the NEX cameras had small bodies and large lenses and very few lenses.

The new Fuji cameras sound nice but are very expensive and the older models all had reputations for being very quirky.

The Olympus cameras are loved by their owners.  It seems like the micro4/3rds owners are either in the oly or pany camps.  I have been an avid photo hobbyist for over 50 years and my favorite cameras ever are my GF1 and my GX1.  I think that, for me, the micro 4/3rd format is perfect and I have a feeling that you will agree with me.

Whatever you do, buy the camera in time so that you can practice with it before you go away.

Best of luck,


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