D4 Owner Question

Started Oct 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
Event_shooter Senior Member • Posts: 1,083
Re: D4 Owner Question

I had D4 and have  the D800E. I just sold the D4.  The D4 is an amazing camera, but can't touch the resolution of the D800E.

Last week I shot with the D4 and when I got home I pushed in on the sots and I realized I couldn't push in like the D800E. I found I was shooting more with the D800E over the D4. It was to much camera to be sitting around collecting dust.

Will I miss some shots at machine gun style shooting - perhaps, but I haven't so far. I just make sure I'm spot on with my limited burst.

I just did a track meet that I also did with the D4 and I got just as many keepers.

I've got absolutely no complaints about the D4, ho could you, but the D800E is my baby

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