Matching RAW to JPG from LX5

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Re: Matching RAW to JPG from LX5

Steerpike wrote:

I've just started using RAW on my Lumix LX5. When I open the RAW file with Adobe Camera Raw 6.2, the initial image displayed is not as good as the jpg that is also created (contrast is too great). I know I can tweak the heck out of the image in ACR, but what I was hoping for was figuring out what ACR settings would mimic the JPG image.  Is there a simple answer to that?

Putting this another way, this is my understanding of how raw / jpg works. You take the picture and the first version of the image, with LOTS of information, is stored as the RAW file. The camera then does it's best job of adjusting the image for things like white balance, etc, and creates the jpg version.   I guess the adjustments made by the camera are not retained along with the raw file so you'll never actually know quite how the camera arrived at the jpg result?
The reason I am asking is, there are a few images I'm working with where, try as I might, I can't get the image to look as good as the initial jpg image.

The short answer is no. ACR has extra built-in camera settings for Canon and Nikon DSLRs with the attempt to get result similar to what the respective in-camera jpeg engine would render. I can't comment on how close these settings are because I don't use them. But these settings are Adobe's reverse engineering work and you can guess how close they can be. If you really want to get the "same" jpeg look result from RAW, your should use the RAW software provided by the camera manufacturer. Supposedly it should use the same algorithm (and presumably more processing accuracy because of more processing power in your PC or notebook) and knows exactly what to do with each parameter (not by reverse engineering).

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