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missbrand wrote:

With the Nikon D600 and the measures result on Dxo Mark, all cameras or sensors are beaten. Espescially all the old topmodels, Canon 1Ds III, Nikon D3s and the D3x. On the other hand the D800 are a perfectly identical match sensorwise and must be from the same new molding.

Compare, 1Ds III, D3x and D600:|0/%28brand%29/Nikon/%28appareil2%29/485|0/%28brand2%29/Nikon/%28appareil3%29/436|0/%28brand3%29/Canon
With Canon beeing far behind and with productionslines still set for the old mold (I think it is 110nm sensors) and the new beeing 65nm sensors or smaller from Sony. I mean it has been Sony sensors that are leading the market now for 2 years.
I think it raises a few queations.
How long are we going to wait before Canon catch up and maybe takes the lead?
And also what do you as a photographer think is technical important in a camera?

Please see the other 3,942 threads starting from the same, or nearly same, premise. If you're neither a Sonikon troll nor just someone who likes as good fight, at least 100 threads from the past should satify your curiosity. I won't comment further; this is rather like looking at myself in a hall of thousand mirrors - same image, over and over and over.



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