A99 vs D600: High ISO comparison

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Re: Sony don't have good af let alone tracking

Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

I tried a99 and it is vast improvement to Sony af but some of the af params can't match 5 year old d700

I liked the camera but price is awfully wrong nex-5n offers about same video for fifth of the price.... This is modern full frame entry model a99. A nice one though lacking in many regards and price oghtought be much lower.....

I have an A700, Kiril, and admit I haven't used an A77, to say nothing of an A99. But EVERYTHING I have read about the cameras says that the A700 AF system cannot touch even the A77--and the A99 AF is light years better still.

And the video on the A99 is far superior to the NEX-5N AND the A77. It's like night and day.

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