Panasonic 8mm MAJOR PROBLEMS!

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Re: To Siegfried about Leica

BushmanOrig wrote:

Wow loyal Klaus.....let me take you back into history a little.....when the digital boom started and Panasonic decided to go into high end cameras away from cheap white goods and film cameras they used Leica lenses or lenses made by Leica on their compacts to try and gain more credibility....many other did similar efforts....

Companies like Leica does manufacture for others if you did not know....

Comparing prices are as follows - take history and the glass Leica helped Panasonic with - comparing the quality stuff the two companies did together comparing with the current Lumix and you should get the picture.....

If you think its only M series cameras Leica builds then you have a good point though.....


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Thank you for the history lesson.. I don't really need it because you don't know what you talk about.

Leica never made a single lens for Panasonic. Leica provided the optical design

and Panasonic the manufacturing.  Leica is involved in the quality control.

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