Too many variables when making prints.

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Re: Too many variables when making prints.

dholl wrote:

1) rarely is it going to be accurate.  I've used over 20 large-sensor cams and none of their screens have been accurate.   Even my current cam, the 5DII, tends to 'pop' the image more on the screen than in reality.

2) what is "lab standard"?  Different labs have different standards.

3) what is a consumer lab?  You mean what we have at home?

future) there's no need to invest in pro's advisable you learn a method at home which you're happy with.  That is:

- calibrate your monitor and printer so that they both match output.

That's it, really.

There's certainly a need to invest in a pro lab if you do any kind of work for anyone else.  And beyond that, prints aren't terribly more expensive from a pro lab and you'll be certain of the quality and consistency.  No oversaturated colors, no excessive contrast.  What you send is what you get and I'll gladly pay for that anytime.  While it's true that different labs have different standards, they are far more consistent and you can easily order samples to ensure that they match your monitor.

By consumer lab I mean the labs in Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc.; the kiosks where consumers can bring in flash drives/CDs and print instantaneously; sites like Snapfish.  Get my drift?

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