SX50 w/ Canon 500D attached...

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Re: SX50 w/ Canon 500D attached...

LTZ470 wrote:

First, thanks for having always sharing your samples and providing your so useful comments.

Second, what a beautifull moon shot the one below.

Have you looked through the SX50 EVF yet?...I have Steiner binoculars that show better details than the SX50 EVF at doubt about it...

I'm not an expert in cameras, but as far as I understand ... it is the sensor the one that takes the image... not the EVF. Or am I wrong?

As far as I know they have plenty of SX50's for sale on Amazon...grab one and try out the lock feature for yourself, trying to get someone else to mimic your own requirements is a task in itself, I have proven to myself that is not what I require...not being rude, just being honest...Good luck with your SX50 Condor, hope you enjoy it...

I do not know where this came from... I just can honestly say, sorry if I bothered you. I was just trying to know if new SX50 provided more and better details of distant subjects than any present P&S superzoom specially since we were are at Canon Forum and not at Pana forum. And since FZ200 was previous benchmark and I naively thought you were independently and openly testing that fact using both cameras as it best settings and performances ... that was all ... I apologize again for my mistake... At least it seems you used FZ200 at its best performance since you even tested it using a Nikon TC, and I supouse that if I take an SX50's shot through a very good terrestrial telescope, I would also get more magnification and better details... but I accept that since FZ200 indeed has a native TC option, but with a none-that-better Pana 1.7x TC. But that was ok for me anyway.

About the Lock feature, maybe it is so new (well, in fact it is) that people do not really know or understand that at 1200mm they are almost obliged to use it... as they were obliged to acitivate IS with the previous superzoom units.  And it is as simple to use as IS, or maybe simpler, since it has a specific button for it. Another forum member (Rich) already showed the difference between no-Locked and Locked distant shots and his result is below... that's why I considered important to alert you to use it in your independent and objective comparative shots against FZ200 + Nikon TC ... as I said, that was all...

no-Locked to the left, Locked to the right

And Ken showed the difference of using just Fine vs SuperFine

SX40 vs SX50 Fine vs SX50 SuperFine

But I still don't know if SX50 12.1 CMOS handheld distant subjects ouput is better than SX30 14.1 CCD or than the new GH3 + 100-300



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