Some food for thought on discussing camera specs

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Re: Still can't read.

Maxeyesore wrote:

Did I mention the apsc leading IQ and DSLR leading -3EV AF (tied with 6D)? How about brand leading weather sealing or FF rivaling noise performance? I'm wondering if me citing these facts is what is bothering you, or if you are just angry that a sony user decided to jump ship?

I hate to point out the obvious, but market share doesn't reflect quality. Just ask canon about IQ Sony could have a 90% market lock and it wouldn't mean they make the best cameras. Many people love sony the brand, and will buy a sony stereo before a JVC or Sanyo, simply bc of a name. Are you one of those?

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To see is to believe...PENTAX

Gear means nothing if you don't know how to use it. TrojMac has nowt to worry about after comparing his gallery and yours. Even if yours are test shots, they are not sharp or blown out highlights (little girl shot is very poor if that's the best you can do with your new wundercamera). At least Troj understands composition, framing, lighting and his photos are interesting to look at unlike yours. Now maybe you have a better set on flicker, I can only judge but what I can see. Maybe a community college course on photography would be better spent than gear and pretending to be an expert on the "weeb" my friend.

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