Is sony Alpha DSLT/DSLR the right platform for learning photography and growth?

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Re: Is sony Alpha DSLT/DSLR the right platform for learning photography and growth?

MrCool77 wrote:

I am actually only trying to understand this forums perspectives on Sony as a platform but I am actually primarily going by my instincts.

To begin with I seem to like what Sony offers to me as a hobbyist and I like what they offer for beginners like me (most reviews and what I compared suggest the same).

Like I said earlier, i will hold on to major investments in lenses till I know my needs well. Also i need to be able to grow as a photographer to a point where I could then define clearly where a platform will limit me only then I will be able to bring objectivity into which camera system to invest.

Fair enough bud. Good to hear you will wait on the system spending a bit. If you end up just liking the sony system in the end then it doesn't matter what I or anybody else thinks. If you end up outgrowing it or just wanting something less simplified, you will be glad you didn't bet the farm. For the record I found my a33 a great system to learn on, it has a very simple and straightforward setup. The a77 and such add features but are still based on the same layout.

I often cite the saying that a jack of all is a master of none, and it really applies to SLT cameras. If you ever feel you need more, go with your gut. I did and I am more excited with my K5 purchase than I have been with any purchase in my life. Good luck with whatever you grab and enjoy.

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