X-E1 vs X-Pro1

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Re: X-E1 vs X-Pro1

Delie wrote:


I do think you make a good point, I can spend to much time worrying about which body i'm using, but on the other hand I feel that unfortunately the NEX just isn't for me and i've got to move on.....

You know ‚ÄčI came across this sort of thing some thirty years ago, a day I didn't know which camera to take to go out. The situation seemed so stupid that I decided to go back to "make it minimal, very simple and concentrate on pictures taking".

What I am afraid is that neither the Fujis will fit the bill on the long run, their defaults will become heavier every day. To tell you the truth beside small P&S I do not find any camera suitable for my needs so I still don't have any digital yet. Pretty much like you I find this one interesting "BUT" and that one also "BUT".... so instead of buying I use what I have and wait.

OK I can wait many years and never get any, so what ? At least there is no frustration of getting something I am not entirely satisfied with. My dream would be a very compact Ricoh M with this Fuji 16M sensor, a Sony IQ EVF, no scene modes, just few rings and wheels the old way, it is much faster and you know what you are doing. You see I have a long way to wait still..... no problem.... there nothing worse than leaving a camera home because you have no real pleasure using it.

The RE1 is tempting but its flaws will become too much after a while and I will look for something else again.... on the way you deplete your bank acount.

All the best

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