SX50 w/ Canon 500D attached...

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Re: SX50 w/ Canon 500D attached...

LTZ470 wrote:

At 100M you're dreaming with any of these cameras I am afraid...

First, 100M and I'm dreaming...? So, you haven't took a moon shot with any of these cameras...? It is curious how people have certain mental barriers despite the fact that his own real behavior indeed exceeds those barriers.

Second, I really believe that this new SX50 (1200mm or 2400mm mode) could do it... but:

1.- You have to use Superfine

2.- You have to use the new Lock feature

I do not understand how could somebody take handheld full zoom shots with the SX50 not using the new Lock feature. It's almost like using any of the previous shorter zoom superzooms... without using IS ... Would you do that?

Whats wrong with 24mm?

More than wrong, it is inefficient. Would you take a landscape image through all the glass of some binoculars? Or would you read a newspaper through those binoculars?

As in real personal life, you use your normal glasses to read, drive and enjoy wide landscapes (in my case my LX3)... and you use your binoculars just for observing distant subjects (100M away included... in fact, I would say anything between 20M and ....infinite) (and in my case I'm talking about my SX30... so far).


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