Panasonic 8mm MAJOR PROBLEMS!

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Re: Panasonic 8mm MAJOR PROBLEMS!

BushmanOrig wrote:

You made a few reasonable points - perfect WB...spreading the exposure left to right across the histogram is OK for boring images at the best....

I agree, but if someone shoots JPEG and uses very different WB they really don't have room to complain if there are big color shifts!  Especially when JPEG shooting WB must be carefully attended to.  It doesn't seem the OP was doing so in this case which is probably why he got results he didn't like.

Personally since I know WB is a creative tool - and often a sensitive one - I shoot RAW to leave the best WB tuning options for post processing.  Especially in B&W conversions WB is a very important tool and one that works the best in RAW (in B&W conversion very large WB changes are useful and JPEG is just too lossy in chrominance to do such large moves).  Of course I shoot landscapes and print few photos so I have the time to play with RAW.  If you are shooting an event and don't want to deal with RAW then setting a reasonable WB is critical - whether "conservatively" or "creatively" you have to pay attention to it and the OP didn't in this case.  And LCD/EVF viewing of WB is usually not very accurate at all.

Playing with WB can also be regarded as more advanced techniques especially with digital photography....try it especially if you have the E-M5...creative stuff....

Again, I prefer to do so backed up with RAW.  Not that JPEG eliminates the possibility of great creative effects in PP, but tungsten vs cloudy is such a huge difference the OP is playing with fire in JPEG mode.  That's such a large WB difference you'll likely get artifacts when correcting the WB in post.  Correcting tungsten to daylight WB is enough of a hassle with a JPEG, but cloudy is even worse (larger mired difference).  At least he didn't set shade WB!

The original poster could also test the lens under exposing scenes to replicate the problem pics he showed.... If that is your problem I will be very happy to hear about that as I nearly bought the 8mm myself today.....will wait until I see more feedback

That's the major problem here, the camera settings are so vastly different it is not possible to draw any conclusion.  He should pay attention to his camera settings and then see if there are any issues.  I've seem the 8mm tested by some competent reviewers and no one has had any problems with it as far as color.  Yes, lenses do impart slight color shifts (usually warmer or cooler, but slight magenta or green tints possible as well) but the effects are very subtle (unless it is one of those ancient thorium lenses that has yellowed elements).

As you might be aware, the Rokinon/Samyang 7.5mm is really great lens and a great price.  Optically excellent, very sharp into the corners and slight lateral CA that is easily corrected.  If you can tolerate manual focus and manual aperture (not that big a deal on a fisheye) you can save a bunch of money without any trade-off in image quality.  There have even been a few direct comparison reviews with the 8mm and the Rokinon leaves nothing behind in the IQ department - just have to deal with manual controls.  You might want to give it a look if you haven't already.

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