X10, holy filter adaptor

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Re: X10, holy filter adaptor

Dust seeping in through the holes never bothered me that much, though I can assure you that it can enter when you're shooting in dusty and windy conditions.

I myself have used the less pricey third party "copy" of the original Fuji filter adapter/lenshood. After shooting with that accessory on many occasions, I eventually abandoned it and went back to using a 40>46mm stepup ring + 46mm UV filter. Here's why:

Shooting outdoors at a powwow in bright mid- to late-afternoon sunlight, I deployed the X10's onboard flash to obtain fill flash for wideangle portraits of my subjects. I was dismayed to discover hours later that 95% of the fill flash shots were ruined by off-color reflections in the upper left hand corner of my horizontal shots. Apparently, those "vents," which are intended to lessen the obtrusiveness of the lenshood when seen through the lower right hand corner of the optical viewfinder, also sucked in light from the onboard flash that reflected off the rear surface of my 52mm UV filter. The only way to continue shooting with onboard flash while using the lenshood, it seems, would be to shoot filterless.

I experienced this issue while using a "copy" of the Fuji lenshood, an accessory which I believe has been fairly popular among users of the X10, judging by comments I have read on this forum. Has anyone else encountered this problem with the onboard flash while shooting with either the original Fuji lenshood or the "copy?"


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