Just received HVL-F60M

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Just received HVL-F60M

I just received my HVL-F60M from Digitalrev.com.It is actually $90 cheaper than ordering it from here in the US.I must say I'm impressed by this flash so far.I'm replacing my HVL-58AM that I sold.I bought it for my upcoming A99.I sold my A77 so I can't test it on that,but I have tested it briefly on my Nex-7.

The results seem to be spot on so far.With my HVL-F58AM on my  nex-7, I had to dial in negative flash compensation just like my A77.With the F60M,I don't have to dial in any FEC.I tried in direct and bounce,normal and HSS and exposure seems to be right on.

I also tried it on my pixel kings and in normal TTL mode it works very well.Exposure again is pretty darn good.In HSS it seems to overexpose.I haven't gone through the manual yet so maybe I have a setting wrong.I'll have to play with it more to reach a conclusion.

I also tried it as an off camera flash with my HVL-F20AM as the on camera trigger.Everything seems to work very well.Exposure is right on the money.I cannot see the F20 contributing any light to the final picture.

Build quality is very good just like the F58.The F60 does have weather sealing though,which you can feel when you tilt the head up and down.It feels more damped than the F58.The new menu interface is a big step up from older Sony flashes.It has a quick navi screen and is much more intuitive versus the cryptic menus before.

Included with the flash is your standard case and stand.Also included is the adapter to use the flash on older Sony cameras,a snap on warming gel for the video LED light,and a snap on diffuser for the flash head.Very nice.

The adapter is pretty well made.It has no wobble on my nex-7 and the 60 locks securely on top.All TTL information is passed through the adapter with no problems so far.The F60 does fit on a standard ISO coldshoe.I tried it on a couple different ones,and the locking mechanism was tighter on some more than others.So I would suggest trying it out before leaving it unattended.

I briefly tried the video LED light and I must admit I was suprised how bright it is.You can control the intensity by adjusting the control wheel on the back.I don't shoot to much video so I can't comment on how effective it is or on the quality of the light.It does seem a little harsh though by just looking at it.

Overall I'm quite pleased at what I'm seeing so far.Exposure seems very accurate from the brief time I've played around with it.Nothing like the consistent over exposure I was getting with my F58.I'll have to test it on my A99 to make my final judgement,but I'm impressed so far.I hope this is helpful to anyone considering this flash.


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